Wednesday, November 4, 2009

.pass it forward.

I love that the holiday season is once again approaching!  It is such a fun time for family, friends, food, and gatherings with the people you love most!  

This month being the month of Thanksgiving we all know it is about giving and being grateful.  

One of my dear friends and old roommate Julie has finished her adoption papers!  She and her husband Lance are such wonderful people and I know they will be the best parents!  In this post I ask that you keep them in your prayers.  If you know of anyone who may be in the position to help them in their adoption quest to let them know.  

Lance and Julie are trying to build their family through adoption and they are having an awesome giveaway to promote their adoption cause! Please take a minute to look at their adoption blog ( Then, make sure to enter their giveaway at 

Go ahead, make a difference in the world and in someones life- and pass it forward!  

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Jewls said...

Thanks Em! Love ya :) And we still need to play...