Friday, January 30, 2009

Family Home Evening

So, in an effort to be a better person, I made a goal when Zack and I got married to try to have some kind of family home evening with each other. Since I was the youngest in my family and many of my older siblings were involved in sports, school things, etc. the harder it got to hold family home evening. Especially when it was just my parents and I at home. So, I am not totally used to the whole lesson, thought, song, scripture thing.

It can get a bit awkward with just two of you and the 'regular church answers' asked to each other. I was wondering what any of you do for family home evening at your house! Throw some ideas our way! Thanks!


Elizabeth said...

Just the other day my friend was telling me about a book she loves called "Family Home Evening for Newlyweds" by Deborah Pace Rowley. She said she loves it. I haven't looked at it yet, but she says she and her husband use it for date nights sometimes, they like it so much.

Lance and Jewls said...

I have the FHE book mentioned above! It's great because it has loads of games and good ideas so that you can learn about each other! We also like to read stories out of the Ensign. Our bishop gave us a whole bunch of talks on marriage before we got married and if you want I can give you recommendations, they all had good advice!

Lacy Johnson said...

We have a really really hard time with this one as well, but I think it's important to start it now- so that when we do have kids it's not so hard because it is already a habit! :) We will occassionally read a chapter out of the scriptures or an Ensign talk- it depends. We need to be better at it though. Chad has class on Monday nights so it's difficult to do it during the week nights (he usually has class), but I know some friends of ours get together with other couples and do a group FHE.

Luvers said...

I dido to all those comments.We us our ensign most of the time. We just try our best to do something together as a family that day. so we'll have a spiritual thought or something and then play Mario Kart on wii it always brings us closer!