Tuesday, January 20, 2009

13 going on 23

Another year has passed me by! Time goes by so fast, you don't know what hit you half of the time. I do feel that I have had quite the productive year. Lots of big and exciting changes and more fun than I could have imagined. It has been a good one. Here are a few pictures of the celebration!

Zack and I with my Birthday Cake.

They couldn't have sat me in a more appropriate booth. We didn't even ask!

Me and Zack out to lunch at Los Hermanos. It was delish!

Just a few of the goods I made it away with!

I told them all to smile and this is what I got. I love my fam. I told them this was going on the blog whether they liked it or not. This explains them well.

Me and some of the Oakcrest girls who graciously turned our hang out party into my Birthday bash! Thanks Jahuga and to all the girls who could come! It made my day, love you!

After hanging with the girls while Zack worked hard for the money, I came home to these!! So beautiful. Thanks Babe, I love you more than I can put to words :)


Lacy Johnson said...

sounds like a good birthday! :)

Niederfam said...

you deserve it!!!! Glad you had a good day, and um....as for the family photo, you got what you asked for, didn't you......:)

Jess N Josh Brown said...

Late Congrats on the wedding em! You look very happy! Yay! Hope you are doing well! I have not seen you in a real long time...but I do blog stalk! : )

Nicole said...

Pretty flowers! How sweet, Zack!

Greg and Sarah said...

hey i just wanted to tell you how beautiful you looked at your wedding!!! it looks like everything is going good! greg and i have a blog it's gandsnewman.blogspot.com i added you as my friend :)