Saturday, June 14, 2014

Potty Training

After 3 failed attempts at trying to potty train Elise, we finally found something that worked!

While our shopping one day I saw this little frog potty.  It was the same one that our neighbor had for her little girl and Elise thought it was fun.  It was on sale, so I bought it. I had no plans of using it that day, but Elise took it out of the bag herself and asked to use it!  We set it up and she finally went!  If I had know from day #1 that all I needed to do was buy this silly potty, I would have!

(She was thrilled I was taking pictures of her)
This proved to me that she KNEW what to do, she simply didn't want to do it on the toilet for some reason.  We've had accidents here and there but for the most part, from the moment the frog potty came home with us it has been smooth sailing.  She has already mastered the potty's at stores and even using the gutter when we're outside with no close potty's to be found (sorry neighbors!). 

We are so proud of Elise!  Once she was trained she wanted NOTHING to do with diapers/pull-ups etc.  We put her in pull ups at night for the first week she was trained and she insisted she didn't need them.  She has been true to her word! Way to go Elise!

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emily said...

way, that's so great! glad you stumbled upon the froggy toilet. :)