Saturday, June 14, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a wonderful Easter this year.  We did our traditional Easter egg hunt with our neighbors here at chambers court.  Elise knew just what to do and was very good and finding her eggs. 
Here she is showing her basket!  She doesn't look like it, but she was thrilled with all the goodies and treasures inside.
Here is what the Easter bunny left for us the next morning!  Each of the kids got new outfits for church and a bunch of fun things like candy, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, bath drops, kites, paint and some other fun things.  The kids have been enjoying them outside ever since.
Elise looked so beautiful in her Easter dress, you know that I had to take lots of pictures!
James was actually very good at finding eggs and stealing the candy inside.  We had to be very good about watching him and seeing what was in his mouth.  The kids also got fun packages from Grandma Marie and among other things, got some cute outfits. James is wearing his in the picture above and the green one below is what Elise got. 
It was a very fun weekend and we had a great time!  My kids are all seeming so big and it's fun to see Elise get really into the holidays and all the traditions that come with them.

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