Friday, June 13, 2014

Ballet Class!

In addition to soccer, we also put Elise in a ballet class.  She really, really loved it.  She was in there with several friends which I know helped!
Here she is with her friends Tinzley, Abigail, Zoe and Elise.
Her class was at a nearby school and in the cafeteria.  She loved to get in there and run around with all the other girls.  Parents were only allowed in to watch the first class so I didn't get to see much!  
She really looked forward to her class. Every day she would ask if she had ballet.  Too bad it was only once a week!
Anytime we ask her to show us a chasse' she has to do her warm up first.  She is such a fun little dancer and loves to perform.  We love watching her.  It's been so fun to have her in this class!


Shantel said...

She is getting so big! And is so cute. I love her posing for the camera.

emily said...

litte girls in leotards are just the sweetest. i love that she loves it. :)