Friday, June 13, 2014

Elise starts soccer!

This spring we enrolled Elise in a county rec. soccer class.  It was the Mighty Mites soccer class and she had a lot of fun! 
She liked going each week and getting to play with Coach Dan.  He was a really great teacher and very fun and patient with the kids. I imagine if you have 30 3-4year olds in a room you'd have to be!
Her first week she would sometimes get sad or shy about it but she made a good little friend named Alaina (pictured above in the white) and it made all the difference!
She really enjoyed doing running drills or dribbling with the class!
She did get better by the end of the class.  She really enjoyed playing with the other kids but the funny part is that when they'd play a scrimmage soccer game she didn't like it!  She had a hard time with the fact that there was only one ball and they had to try to take it from each other- sweet girl!  We will definitely enroll her again.  It was so fun to see her get out there and show her stuff!

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Shantel said...

Yay for more blog posts from Emily! I love to see what you guys are up to. I hope you have some fun plans for summer and that things are going well.