Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tosa Fire Station

A few weeks ago our playgroup met up at the Tosa fire station to take a tour!  Elise had a blast and loved exploring a new place and getting to see all of the gear, trucks and fire poles! 

Our fire fighter showed us all their gear like their face masks and even the blood pressure cuff.  Elise was thrilled (and very attentive) that she was chosen as the model.

She thought it was the coolest that they get to slide down the pole! 
They let them all walk through the big fire truck and see all the gadgets inside.
Group shot of all the kids we went with!  A rare photo where Elise is looking at the camera and smiling!  Win!
At the end, they were all given a souvenir fire hat!  Elise wore it the whole way home, she loved it!  Now any big red truck she sees is, of course, a firetruck!  We had so much fun exploring new things!

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