Thursday, February 20, 2014

Girls Night!

My good friend, Cassi, is due with her second baby girl in  a few weeks.  Since she is having another little girl, we decided to have a girls night in her honor as a sort of "un baby shower". 
I decided to do an ice cream bar for the refreshments. I dipped some strawberry wafers in white chocolate and did some strawberries as well.  I had fun making them and Elise had fun sneaking them!

Close up of the wafers.  Thanks for the easy and yummy idea, pinterest!
Here's a look at the final spread.  Yummy....
Instead of bringing gifts for the baby I had everyone bring a small pampering gift to give to Cassi.  It was filled with things like a loofah, nail polish, body wash, lotion, face mask, socks, etc.  I hope she'll enjoy it after the baby comes and she needs something for herself!
Elise helping out on quality control!
Here's a few of the girls who were able to come. 
L to R: Katie, Me, Chelsey, Cassi, Diana and Jenn. 
Thanks to everyone who was able to come and hang out!  It was a blast!


erinmalia said...

where did you find the red wafers? i want to do that so badly but didn't know where to find them.

emily said...

looks fun - and totally yummy! :)

Shantel said...

This is so cute, and such a good idea. I love the thought of not having it be a "shower" but instead just having everyone bring something small to give one gift together. You are so creative! Your friends are lucky to have you.

Nicole said...

So fun! You are nice friends!