Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day!

We had a great time celebrating Valentine's day this year!  I mentioned earlier that I got Elise a necklace from Etsy.  I also ordered her a cute skirt to go with it.  Here she is wearing her new outfit!

She loves this necklace and asked for it the other day by saying, "Mom, can I have the special necklace you and daddy got for me?"  So sweet. 
Here are my two little Valentine's ready to go play!
That afternoon we went to a playgroup with some friends at our church.  We all brought some pot luck treats and the kids had a blast!  They made froot loop necklaces for their moms, decorated a bag for their valentines, got their pictures take and even had some Valentine's stories read to them. 

I forgot to take pictures of all the fun we were having but fortunately we did manage to get some at the photobooth.  My talented friend, Courtney, took pictures for everyone there. Here is a cute one she took of Elise and James.
Later that day, Zack came home early (!) and surprised me with these beauties-
And I worked hard making these delicious little bites-
These are called Sweetie Pie Pops!  You can find the recipe here.
We also were spoiled from our family back home. We got lots of fun packages.  Thanks to everyone who thought of us! 
Thanks Ryan and Becky for all the loot!  Elise loved the whistle lips! 
And thanks Nicole and Justin for the sweet cards and candy!  Elise loved it all and felt truly loved, just as you should on this fun holiday!


emily said...

so sweet and cute!

Shantel said...

Oh, what a nice Valentines Day. Elise is so sweet.

Nicole said...

Hey it's not Justine anymore huh?! Ha. JK I know you told me you changed it. I thought briefly that you set up the photoshoot and I was gonna be really impressed!! Love her skirt and necklace :)