Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Five

1- This past week has been all about teething.  Poor James.  Poor me.  This little guy is in a lot of pain which means he only wants to be held 100% of the day.  Here's to hoping the worst is over.

2-  Lately I've made two great purchases on Etsy.  I ordered a cute bubblegum necklace for Elise for her Valentine's gifts and I got a wooden airplane teether for James.  I've never really used Etsy before but now I basically want everything on it.  I'm very impressed with both items!

3- Zack has both Saturday and Sunday off this weekend (Miracle!).  This means that we finally get to go out on a date to celebrate my birthday!  Hooray!  Now, which restaurant offers the best free birthday dessert.....

4- Today Elise has her first friend birthday party.  Her little buddy Eric is turning 3 so we are heading over today to help celebrate.  I'm sure she will have a blast!

5- One of the cutest things Elise has been saying lately is that we stole her heart.  She, of course, says it in an accusing sort of tone.  She will point to one of us and say, "Hey!  You stole my heart! Give it back to me!"  Ha ha. It is so cute. We tell her all the time that she already has ours.  Love this girl so much!

Here's a picture of my cute little man! You can see the little teether there too.  In between teething crying sessions he DOES smile.  Love him lots!


erinmalia said...

that james is so adorable. so sorry about the teething. ugh.

emily said...

aw, he is adorable. i love that airplane teether - super cute. etsy is awesome.

have fun on your date!

Nicole said...

Oh my. I was dying over the you stole my heart. Ha! She is so funny. I wanna see your etsy things! Pics pls!!