Friday, January 24, 2014

The return of Friday Five!

It's been a while since I've had my Friday five post up.  They really are some of my favorite posts, since they give little snippets of our day-to-day lives.  Sometimes it's boring, others interesting and sometimes it can be something funny the kids say.  Either way, I want to remember these moments down the road.

-The documentary "Mitt" comes out on Netflix today and I'm pretty excited to see it.  I just think the world of Mitt Romney and am excited to see and learn more about him and his family. 

-Today James is officially 8 months old!!  He is getting so big!  He also is cutting his two central incisor (middle) teeth.  I'll post a pic when they are officially out. He also graduated to the big bath tub now that he is sitting up!

-I started back up on Jillian Michaels workout DVD, 30 Day Shred.  I'm only on day 4 today so we'll see how long I can last. Trying to be better!!

-Elise and I have been watching the new Disney Junior show, Sheriff Callie's Wild West.  Elise is pretty much obsessed with it.  It's cute and I like that Mandy Moore is the voice of Callie. 

-This has been the coldest/worst winter we've had in our time in Wisconsin.  It is miserable.  It's sad how much I look forward to a day that would be considered "freezing".  32 degrees sounds pretty great, if you ask me!  Yesterday it was so cold that the credit card machine for gas wouldn't read Zack's card.  Things like that just shouldn't happen!


Shantel said...

You are my friday five inspiration. I love the things that you document and how on top of things you are. I hope you don't freeze!

emily said...

i love your friday five. nienie (do you read her blog) loved "Mitt." 8 months - too crazy and fast! i keep telling Lucy at bedtime: "Do not grow tonite!" :) so i guess jillian michaels came to our city's gold's gym and did a spin class - well instructed it. funny. i work out to some of her videos and enjoy it. sorry about your winter. wish we could switch - we need it a bit colder for our ice rink. we can only use it in the morning and nights - no afternoons. but for your sake i hope it warms up soon!

Nicole said...

Fun! I haven't heard of that new disney show, not that I get that channel! I'm sure it's cool though!

Sorry about the cold. Wish you could come back here! not that it's all that better than there, but a bit!