Friday, January 18, 2013

Making Changes!

There are a few things we've been doing differently around our home lately.  Zack asked me if we could start making some healthy smoothies in the morning.  I love smoothies, so this was not a hard sell!  I've seen recipes all over the web for different Green Monster Smoothies so this week we've been trying our hand at some of our own!
As evidenced by her face, Miss Elise thinks that these smoothies are the best thing ever!  I have to agree, they are pretty delicious, and better yet, healthy!  Here is what we have been putting our ours:

Flax Seed
Plain Yogurt

I blend that up and babysit it and stir for about 7 minutes (sadly, we don't have one of those awesome Blendtec blenders) and eventually it turns into that delicious purple drink!  Yummm!

Other things we are changing is Elise's sleeping arrangement!  With baby boy coming in a few months we decided we should start to try and transition her out of her crib and into a big girl bed!  I know not everyone thinks that toddler beds are the most practical thing but we found one for Elise on craigslist that was only $40 for the bed AND mattress! We thought it was a steal and jumped on it!
I spent a good part of yesterday re-organizing, cleaning, and de-junking Elise's bedroom so everything can fit!  I also moved a lot of toys that she is too big to play with out of her room and now most of her toys fit in her closet instead of the floor. 

Elise hasn't slept in the toddler bed just yet.  We moved it in there for her to get used to the idea. I also checked out some books from the library about it and I'll read those to her.  Once Zack's test is over we'll start asking her if she wants to sleep in her crib or her bed and hopefully, it will be a smooth transition. 
We have been needing a bookshelf for a while now and I found the perfect one yesterday!  We moved the changing table out of Elise's room and put this in its place.  I love seeing all of our books displayed and Elise thinks it's fun to pick out books too.  

Other big changes on the way- we'd like to get rid of her binky before the baby comes!  I checked out some books on this topic too.  I'm hoping we can at least try having them only at bedtime!  Wish us luck!


Rachel said...

So much to do before May, huh? I don't think we're even going to try to get rid of the paci (her sleep is way, way too important to me) but we're working on updating her room and getting her a bed and potty training! Elise's room looks so, so cute!

Nicole said...

Nice work on the smoothies. I'm impressed it was Zack's idea! He usually needs fat producing food :) ha. The bookshelf is really cute. Where did you get it? Craigslist? or new? Just wondering. Her room looks darling! Good luck on all your goals!!

emily said...

the smoothies sounds delicious! i love them lots, too.

and i love all the room changes. so cute!

p.s. my kids, being on the short-side of things, slept in their toddler beds for like ever. so it might not be totally impractical. :)