Friday, January 11, 2013

Five on Friday!

-We are all back safe in Wisconsin.  Zack has been here since the 6th and Elise and I joined him the evening of the 9th.  It is always sad to leave family but it's nice to be back in our own beds!

-Elise's new favorite show is Go, Diego, Go!  Most kids are into Dora but this girl loves her Diego.  I think she wants us to name our baby that!  I think she likes it so much because he is an animal rescuer.  She loves animals and learning more about them.

-Speaking of Elise, one of her favorite things to do these days is give hugs.  She will walk into a room or see someone and go up to them and say "Hug, hug" and reach up for you to give her one.  We love it, what a sweet girl.

-Zack started up school once again but we are taking comfort in the fact that this is his last semester of classwork.  The next 2 years of medical school will be doing rotations and doing real doctor stuff!  We are looking forward to that!

-Last but certainly not least, we were able to have an ultrasound yesterday to see our baby!  It was so fun!  They told us that we are going to be having a BOY!!!  We honestly would have been happy to have either one but are excited to now have one of each :)  We keep telling Elise that she will be a big sister to a baby brother.  I don't know if she has any idea of what's to come, but she'll learn soon enough!

Here are some pictures we got of our little guy!  He is measuring just where he should be for 20 weeks and everything looked healthy and strong!

 Here are some of the pictures we got to take home.  Sorry, I don't have a scanner so the quality isn't great.  The top photo are his little feet.  Bottom pictures is his little profile.  I love his hand resting on his tummy.
The top picture in this one is THE shot.  It's a pretty good view of his little boy parts between the legs.  The bottom picture is of his face looking right at the camera.  You can see the dark circles which show where his eyes are and his nose.  It was so fun to get a sneak peak!  See you in a few months!


Shantel said...

Yay and congratulations! He will be so special. I bet you guys are happy to be home.

Rachel said...

Yay!!! Seriously, how nice to have one of each and no pressure for later pregnancies :)

Shauna said...

So excited for you to have a boy! Contrary to popular belief they are fun to shop for too! :)

erinmalia said...

hooray for boys! will rotations take you to fun places?

emily said...

super exciting to have a boy. yay!

Melissa And Dave said...

So cute to see your baby!