Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jungle Jims

My sister and I bought a groupon to use at Jungle Jims Playground while I was still in UT and we managed to finally use it a few days before I left!  I thought it would be something to do and get out of the house and that Elise would think it was so-so.  Turns out we both LOVED it!  She couldn't get enough of the rides and it was so much fun to see her enjoy it! 

Riding the airplanes!  Finally towards the end of the ride she figured out the trigger that makes it go up or down!  It was so cute!
Another girl was able to join her for her ride in the safari jeep cruise!
Elise and her cousins had a lot of fun playing in this cute house!
I was a little worried she'd hop out of the swings but she did great and had a really fun time!

We were able to go on a Monday around lunch time so it was totally dead and we were able to do all the rides we wanted with hardly a wait at all!  We'll have to hit up Jungle Jims again when we return to Utah!


emily said...

we've been there once before and all my kids loved it, too! glad you had a great time!

Rachel said...

Looks so fun! I wish Elise and Jilly could play together :)