Friday, August 24, 2012

Five on Friday

Life is back to "normal" now that we are back in Milwaukee, so my Friday posts have returned with it!  Back to your usual scheduled post:

1- Elise had her 18 month check up last week (only 2 months late!) and is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight.  When she got her second round of her Hep B shot she winced a little bit and that was the end of it. What a tough girl!

2- Speaking of Elise, she is learning and talking SO much!  Here are some of her new words she uses a lot- Zack or Zacky, Thank you, Please, frog, monkey, and she has also learned to say lots of our cute neighbor friends names.  She also has a new favorite movie, "Barbie: Princess and the Pauper".  I guess of all the Barbie movies it is the best and the singing/songs in it are actually pretty good. 

One of Elise's favorite songs from Princess and the Pauper.

3- The other night all of our neighbors in the cul de sac had an impromptu party and visited out in the yard for about an hour!  It was so fun- definitlely re confirmed why moving her was the best idea ever!

4- We tried out the restaurant chain Qdoba this past week and although it is no Cafe Rio, we really enjoyed it.  Very similar to Chipotle; a huge 1 lb burrito! Yum!

5- We have a very exciting thing to share/show you BUT you'll have to wait until Monday to hear more about that.  And before you jump to conclusions, no it is NOT a baby.  But please stay tuned, Zack and I are pretty stoked about it :)

And since no blog post should be without pictures, here are some of Elise playing with her friend at the park this week:
Chasing each other!
Playing with sand in the volleyball court!

Elise loves her littles Radio Flyer trike!
Here's to a great weekend!


Elizabeth said...

So cute!

Nicole said...

Yay for new close friends! That's the barbie movie I got for Ali for potty training!! They like it as well :)