Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Here!!

I'm not sure if all of you read my previous post, but I told you that I had a fun secret to share and that it would have to wait until Monday!  Well, wait no more :)  The time is now!

The big and exciting new is that we bought a piano!! 
We have been combing through many many ads on craigslist and decided to take this one!  Is is a beautiful vintage piano, made in 1905!  It is also the tallest upright piano that people make, coming in at 57 inches- it comes level with my chin!  Pretty tall, right?!  The woman we got it from said her parents bought it from Holy Hill about 30 years ago and then it was given to her in hopes her children would play, but they never did. 
We really love all the elaborate oak leaf carvings on the front and are so excited that it can be a part of our living room.  We know that with a piano this old, it could also come with its own rare problems and we are hoping that luck will be in our favor on Thursday when our piano tuner arrives!  Until then, can all of you send out your positive thoughts to the universe that it will work well enough?
Zack and I never thought we would ever have a piano until we were done with residency and more "settled" down.  We are so excited that we get the chance to have that dream now!  I can't wait until it is tuned and I get to sit and listen to Zack play beautiful music on it! 


Jewls said...

Wow! It's beautiful! I am jealous, I want a piano! I guess I need to start checking KSL! :)

Niederfam said...

it is SOOOOO beautiful. i LOVE it, and the cool history behind it!!!

hope it's exactly what you were wanting and hoping for.

Amy Lovell said...

That's awesome. My hubby would be jealous, he's AMAZING at the piano, and sadly, our house is too small to fit one without it looking totally ridiculous.

P.S. I had a random dream about you last night. Strange, I know.

Elizabeth said...

I love that piano! Maybe you should keep it when you're done with residency :)

Mary Pugh said...

Looks amazing! Don't worry piano tuners/technicians can work miracles if needed! Very exciting.

Rachel said...

So exciting!!

Nicole said...

It is so pretty! I love the carvings! Hope it tunes up well!! Glad you are all still alive to enjoy it ;) ha! (I can laugh now, right?)