Monday, August 20, 2012

Island Park

At the end of July, Zack and I were able to head up to my family's cabin in Island Park, Idaho with my Mom and Dad.  It was fun to get to be with just them and be spoiled and have lots of free babysitting offered :)  My Grandparents bought the cabin after my Grandpa retired and it was remodeled this summer and looks so nice! 

It takes about 5ish hours to get there from Salt Lake and to start things out right we got Elise a new pair of some sweet shades!

Before we got to the cabin we made sure to take a stop at Upper Mesa Falls.  It is a beautiful waterfall that is only about 20 min away from our cabin and well worth it!

The next day my Dad was kind enought to rent some 4 wheelers for Zack and I to use!  For most of the day we each had our own 4 wheeler and my Mom was kind enought to watch Elise for us!  We had a lot of fun racing around and going to sites like Mt. Sawtelle and Two Top!!

Can you tell who was the 4 wheeler in back?  Zack's face got a little bit dirty out riding!

The next day we all headed out to Yellowstone for a few hours!  We were able to stop at the painters hot pots as well as the canyon of the yellowstone and a few other scenic byways.  We saw some elk and buffalo while there too.

Elise had a fun time climbing on the rocks and playing in the puddle created by the brief rainfall that happened before we got there!

The next night Zack and I were able to have a date night!!  My Mom offered to watch Elise for us while we went out to dinner in West Yellowstone and then to see The Drowsy Chaperone at The Playmill Theater.  My family has been going to see shows there for as long as I can remember! This play certainly lived up to its reputation! We had a great time!

No trip to the cabin can be complete without heading over to Big Springs! We went Sunday after church and had a fun time feeding the ducks and checking out the Johnny Sack cabin :)

We were heading back home Monday morning so we had to do s'mores before we left!  We all had a good time and enjoyed more s'mores than we are willing to admit!

Elise helping Dad start a fire!

Family photo! Elise was having fun until we made her pose for a picture!

She liked it!!

And to finish the trip off, the cutest picture of a Dad with his daughter!

Thanks again Mom and Dad for spoiling us up there! We had a great time :)


erinmalia said...

haha. isn't it awesome how every trip up there is the exact same? i love it!

Bailee said...

I'm glad you had a good time at The Playmill! It was fun to see you at the show!