Friday, May 25, 2012

Five on Friday

1) Zack is FINISHED with his first year of medical school!! He told me yesterday that this is the most difficult thing he has ever done.  He has worked so hard and we are so proud of him!

2) After finishing Burn Notice, Zack and I have moved on to the show White Collar.  We have finished the first season and tonight will move onto #2.  Apparently we love the USA network. 

3) The sister missionaries asked if I would go with them today to a meeting with one of their investigators.  The Lord must know that I need more spiritual experiences in my life!!  I'm excited to be able to go with them and help them out with a ride!  I just hope that if I'm asked to say anything that I will be able to find the right words.

4) I picked up the small book, Thank You Notes from the library this week.  I read some of them to Zack as we took Elise on a walk last night and we laughed the whole way.  If you ever watch Jimmy Fallon you've seen that on his show he ends it with writing little thank you notes that are mainly thanking people/things for the annoyance they give.  Definitely good for a laugh!

5) To celebrate the end of the first year, all the M1's (well, now M2's!) had a BBQ and pool party.  Fred, our friend and future landlord, was gracious enough to be our host!  We had a great time!!We can't wait to have more time to do fun things together this summer.
Elise and I in the pool!  We thought for sure she would love it! We had no doubts, but she didn't love it.  She quietly whined for a little bit but we kept her in there for a while and are hoping that with time she will love it!


Rachel said...

Yea for Zack! I love White Collar, but Bryan makes fun of it because it's so cheesy- which I guess it kind of is, but that's why I like it ;)

Shauna said...

It took Corby a few times at Seven Peaks last summer to get used to the water. Keep taking Elise and I'm sure she'll warm up to it soon!

Shantel said...

We couldn't really get into Burn Notice but we LOVE White Collar. I can't wait for the next season!

erinmalia said...

maybe the sisters will give the car good mojo so it won't get stolen again.

Holly Petty said...

Hooray! Happy day.

Elise looks so cute in her little pool boat. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!