Friday, May 18, 2012

Five on Friday, Elise Edition

Five things about our Elise:

1) Her favorite food right now is apples.  She loves it when I slice them and give one to her to gnaw at for hours on end.  She likes holding it in her hand and chomping at it as she continues to play.

2) She loves and fears the vacuum.  I get it out a lot to pick up all the little crumbs we get in the family room and she get so excited when I get it out of the closet.  She looks up at it and giggles and then moves far away from it when I start it up but still has a smile on her face.  It is so funny!

3) She loves her daddy and cries when he leaves each morning.  While I'm so happy she loves him and is sad when he leaves, I wish it wouldn't result in such a meltdown. Makes it hard on me!

4) I think she has been cured from her bad sleeping habits (that I'm sure I inevitably taught her).  She now will sleep from 8pm to about 8am and it is amazing the difference it has made in her and in me!  I love it!

5) She discovered sprinklers!!  We went on an evening walk a week ago to pick up daddy from school and walk home with him.  As we walked in the grass by the medical school, the sprinklers were on and she curiously walked up to it in wonder.  Zack showed her that you could touch the water coming out and she got so excited!!  She then went running through all of them!!  She laughed and loved it and so did we!  She was absolutely drenched from head to toe so we stripped her down and brought her home in only her diaper!  Thank goodness it was a really warm night! 

See?  Just like Dad!  She held up his shirt to me and I put it on her and she was so excited!  The shirt is long sleeved and down to her ankles when she wears it!  Darling!  


Katie said...

I'm so glad she's sleeping so much better for you! What ended up working? I need to start sleep training Chloe. She wakes up at least twice a night and it's starting to take its toll on me.

emily said...

i like your 5 on friday. and, like katie, i want to know how you got elise to sleep so well so fast! yay for you guys!!!

Niederfam said...

Super cute little family. Can't wait to SEE you in a few more weeks. HORRAY.