Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

Since we split up Christmas Eve and Christmas day, things get a bit tricky for our family.  Especially this year because Christmas fell on a Sunday. We had to decide where to do stocking and Santa gifts, where to go to Church, and when we would re-unite with the rest of the Galbraith family.

We got up and got Elise ready for church and then opened our stockings.  I laughed because this is probably the first and last time that Elise will be up and bathed and in a dress on Christmas morning.  Either way she still looks adorable :)  Here are some pictures from her first Christmas:

 She seemed to think that all these items in a stocking were pretty cool!  Her stocking was filled with toy keys, a ball, finger puppets, baby spoons, freeze dried apples, and an orange.  It was so cute to see her face filled with wonder and confusion as to what to do with all of it and if it was hers! 

Yes, I was also there.  Zack didn't want any pictures taken of him but I was willing to act stupid and model my new sunglasses. We both had a great Christmas morning!  Everything changes when you have kids and celebrate the holidays.  It changes in such a good way!  We were so excited to see how Elise would react to everything.  It was a great day!

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Shantel said...

She looks so darling! I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas morning. Love the new shades...