Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with Zack's family and we had a great time!   One of my favorite traditions that they do on the Pugh side is to sing Christmas carols.  Zack's mom plays the piano and we all gather round and sing so many fun songs!
 Here's Linda at the piano surrounded by some of her granddaughters.
 More candid snapshots of everyone singing. 
 Elise would get sick of all the singing and we would find her in the closet under the stairs.  Here she is holding her own with the boys playing with the Lego's. 
Here are Zack and I with our "sibling gifts" that we exchanged with Zack's brothers and sisters.  Our niece got a little excited with Zack's present and decided she would help him open it!!  We got some great things and had so much fun seeing what everyone else ended up with too!  We had a wonderful time eating dinner, singing songs, performing the nativity and giving gifts.  It was the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve! 

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Noelle said...

Elise is seriously so adorable! I love the carol singing tradition. I wish we could do that, but the Wojo's are tone deaf, and the Johnson's all quit piano lessons a little too early...