Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family Get Together

One of my best friends happens to be my cousin, Holly. Holly is one of the most talented people I know and very fun!  Holly and her husband, Brad, are in medical school as well and it has been a lot of fun to talk with her about the whole process.  They are a year ahead so it is great to talk to someone who has just been in my shoes and have someone to relate to.  Her husband goes to Georgetown so they live far away but this summer before we moved, Holly was in town!  We decided to have a Taylor/Galbraith girl get together!  It was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures we took!
Here are Holly and I with our little girls.  Me with Elise and Holly with Lilia.  Holly and I are only a month apart (and a foot apparently) so it is fun that we both have little girls!
Both Nicole and Natalie were there too, as well as Holly's sisters, Wendy and Melissa.  Here are all of us girls with some of our babies.  It was a fun get together and I hope it isn't too long before we can do it again, even though we are scattered across the country.

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Holly Petty said...

Awww! Thanks Emily. It was so good to see you and I am so glad to have a cousin bestie! I'm glad we can go through this med-school wife thing together!!