Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Life Lately

It has turned to fall in Wisconsin!  It is absolutely beautiful!  I do miss seeing the mountains in Utah but I can't complain about fall here so far.  We had rain almost everyday last week so the sunshine and warm weather is a welcomed surprise this week!  Next week my mom is coming to visit and I have a lot of really fun things planned for us!  I haven't done any of them so she and I will get a real Wisconsin experience this time!  I will have lots of stories and pictures to post from that soon!
Today Elise and I enjoyed the warm weather by heading out to the park.  I know that winter is just around the corner and I have a feeling it will be brutal so we are trying to get out a lot and enjoy this weather while we have it!  I let her crawl around in the grass and pull it up and pick up leaves and branches- she loved it.  She also loves to be pushed in the baby swings.  It is a lot of fun!
During conference breaks Zack and Elise discovered a new game. It is called, "give mom a heart attack".  He would let her crawl to the edge of the bed then catch her.  She loved it and would giggle as he chased her to the edge and caught her.
I planned a fun date for Zack and I the other day.  We haven't been on a date in a long time and it was much needed.  We don't have money for a sitter or for eating out anymore so it was just a simple date at home. I have found a couple of fun dating websites that helped inspire this one. Some of them are pretty cheesy but there are good ideas to be found or great ideas to get the ball rolling.  Zack really enjoyed this one too!  I made mozzarella sticks, chips and spinach dip and some very yummy punch for our food. I even dipped the edges of our drinks in sugar with a lime on the edge- go me!  I think it's the little things like that that help a person feel extra special.  We had a fun time!
I have been craving Cafe Rio for some time now and tonight I am making a copy cat recipe!  I haven't tried mine yet, but this is the same recipe that we used at Elise's blessing but I didn't make any of the meat or anything so I'm not sure how mine will turn out!  It smells delicious though so I am hoping for great results!  The closest Cafe Rio to us is about 1,000 miles away, so it will have to do!


Mary Pugh said...

2 words
Babysitting Co-op
It will change your life and save your graduate school marriage. If you want info on how we set it up call me and I'll give you the details. If you aren't interested call me and I'll talk you into it. BTW I think Pugh boys are bred to use their offspring to terrorize the delicate hearts of their wives. Except for maybe Brian. I can't see him doing anything to upset Liz.

Ashley King said...

I can't imagine living so far from a delicious Cafe Rio! Poor you!

Why do dads do that?! Nick played this game with Brekke where he stacked up pillows like 8 high and let her fall off & he'd catch her..most of the time! Ugh!

Elise is getting so big. She is so dang cute too!

Kate and Wiley said...

Elise is such a sweet baby. She has such pretty eyes! Hope you guys are doing well!

Wendy said...

I second the babysitting co-op thing. Everyone here does it too and it's such an awesome idea.....but nobody wants us in the group!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Can't say I blame them. :) It's always, "We'd invite you to be a part of the group but...ummm..." It's actually pretty funny. They all have one kid, and here we are with 4, two being fussy baby twins. :)

Clinton and Danielle Logan said...

Let me know when you need a sitter! If I'm available I'd love to help! :)

Nicole said...

Elise! You cutie!! I can't wait to hold and play with you!!

Ha ha, I like Zack's game! Dad's like those kinda games. And the kids do too :)

I hope Zack appreciates you!! You are a good wife!!

erinmalia said...

i third the babysitting co-op. but until then, find yourself another young couple and just switch. there has to be another in your ward, right? it'll be invaluable to you; i promise! if ever you guys want to come and visit DC, please do! you definitely have a place to stay. remember, we have a cafe rio now. :) i think it's a 10-hour drive, fyi.

emily said...

your girl is adorable.

dating at home. . . sounds very, very familiar. and you did an awesome job of making some cool food. fun, fun!

Niederfam said...

Oh cute WIFEY!!! Zack is DANG lucky, I HOPE he knows that.

Also hope the Cafe Rio was just as good as it smelled, I'm sure it was pretty dang close. YUM. Just remember you'll be home for a month over Christmas, and we can go MULTIPLE times then! ;)

AND.......yeah, the co-op sounds like a GREAT idea!!! Do it. Or like Erin said, start switching with one other couple. GENIUS. DO IT. Date night is huge, really, you need to remind yourself at least once a week WHY you actually got married! TRUST ME. ;)

LOVE YOU and MISS you guys.

Anna said...

You are doing great by actually making the effort to even have a date at home. Phew! I need to do that. And yes, make friends and swap baby sitting. Even when you have an income that is a lifesaver. Especially if you need something in the middle of the day when all the babysitters are at school. Miss you guys!

Elizabeth said...

I love her little bangs!