Friday, December 24, 2010

Nursery Sneak Peak!

I've been slowly working on getting Elise's nursery all put together and we are about 90% finished with the job at this point.  There are a few things that still need a drawer that broke in her dresser, and some storage boxes that I need to find another room for, but all in all, I think baby girl is safe to come home anytime! 
And here is the missing drawer I was referring to!  We were able to get our nursery furnished for a grand total of $45- big thanks to older siblings giving us free stuff and  So, I can't be too upset that the screws in the drawer came lose!  It will be fixed soon- nothing a little wood glue can't fix.  The pink chair in the room actually belonged to my Grandma Galbraith!  Don't you just love the color she chose to upholster it with??  I sure do!  Now all we need is the baby, right?!

I'm planning on getting some curtains made for her as well as a quilt (its being made as we speak!) to hang on the wall to add a little more splash of color!  I'll show you updated photos when it is complete!


Mary Pugh said...

LOVE the crib bedding! So so exciting!

Niederfam said...

So so cute......Perfect for a Princess!!!!! I LOVE Granma's chair, it's an extra special touch!!! l Well done.