Friday, December 24, 2010


Last night Zack and I had the chance to go to the BYU vs. UTEP  basketball game! Thanks to the fact that it is Christmas break on campus, we were able to go early and get really REALLY great seats! 
Here we are at the Marriott Center!  We sat on the 4th row, center court!
The game started out a little one point I think it was 11 to 1 and we were getting a little worried on how this game was going to turn out!  But the cougs had our backs and we were able to pull off a GREAT victory! 
We pulled out a victory with a score of 89-68!  The cougars hadn't played a home game in over a month- so this was a good way to welcome them back home :)
Thanks for a fun night Cougars!


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Jewls said...

Just so you know every time your blog pops up in my reader I'm hoping for a baby Elise announcement!!

CUTE nursery, I LOVE the colors!!