Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to My Classroom!

A few people have asked about my work and my classroom- so, for you I thought I would give you a little photo/video tour of where I spend much of my day! Enjoy :)
The door to my classroom, 125. Come visit anytime!
Yes, we have 1st lunch. How cute is the Valentine the Spanish 1 class made for me?!
This bulletin board is for my Sewing 8 class.
These are several of the projects we make during the semester
In front of that are the file folder for every class-where I pass back assignments

This bulletin board is for my SOS Class. SOS stands for 'Students Offering Service'.
This class is basically a semester long service learning class where they make and donate their projects.
There are lots of things missing but here are a few ideas of what the 7th graders are up to!


Wendy said...

How cool! I would totally want to take your classes!

Heidi said...

Awesome, you have my dream job. I am sure you are such a great teacher and the students just love you!

Jewls said...

This is so fun, I love all of your projects!

Niederfam said...

awesome!!!! love it! thanks for the video and photos!!! you are fabulous and they are lucky to have you!!!