Monday, March 29, 2010

Festival of Colors!

This Saturday was the Festival of Colors.  The Festival of Colors is the celebration of the arrival of Spring. They have it every year in Spanish Fork at the Radha Krishna Temple.  Basically all the college age kids in Utah County go and the event is PACKED!!  Everywhere you look people are covered in a variety of colors from head to toe!  By the end of the event, you can't even tell who is who anymore.

They had a band playing music, a bonfire, llamas, and bags of color for sale to throw on whoever you want!  Unfortunately by the time Zack and I made it there they were sold out of colors, so we didn't get to throw it on anyone but we did get PLENTY thrown onto us.

 Here is the temple.
 And here we are covered in colors.  Mind you, when we started this even our shirts were white!  We had a great time!


Greg and Sarah said...

I've always wanted to go to this! You two look good even with all those colors on your face!

Jewls said...

Ooo, looks fun! We really should go do that next year!

Niederfam said...