Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Knew?

So far in my student teaching experience, I usually am a recluse and decide to eat lunch in classroom. I mean, why not? It has 3 refridgerators, 6 stoves, 6 microwaves, etc. I think you see where im going here. When your classroom is the foods room, no need to roam.

Well, today I didn't bring leftovers or anything else to eat so I decided to brave the lunchroom. I made my way there and I was hoping I would have some sort of 'Mr. Holland's Opus' experience where the gym coach would come up to me and tell me that teachers don't wait and that I could proceed to the front of the line. WRONG. I continue to wait for about 20 minutes to get my lunch and, as I did this, I started to feel like such a loser. It is amazing how when i'm 5 years out of high school and this time on the other side, that it it still had such an effect on me. Who knew?

I did have a good time people watching and seeing where my students fit it. One of them saw me standing there and waved at me. I took this as a good sign that im 'cool' enough and even now at 23, I felt good to be waved at in the lunchroom.

Till next time!


Elizabeth said...

Do your students call you Mrs. Pugh? If they do, does it feel weird?

Amy said...

That's not Timpviews lunchroom is it? I only ate in there once out of my 4 years but I've been inside of it for photos during dances and I don't remember it looking like that.

Also, when I student taught I went to buy a cookie once and after waiting in line the lady told me I didn't need to wait in line, but I never went back so I never took advantage of that. I bet you could just demand the front of the line.

Niederfam said...

It's so true, I LOVE it when my students acknowledge my existence in the presence of their friends, that's the REAL test of "coolness" :) BUT.....YES you can and should just but right in, it happens all the time, and it's a PERK of being the teacher, even if it's only the "student" teacher!!!!!

Melissa said...

That is actually totally funny. You are so cute a young looking some of those boys were probably thinking who is that cute new girl. =0) It is always nice to be waved at. I hope you are having lots of fun. I think that would have been a fun major. =0)