Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Most people tend to have nights where they just didn't sleep well. For me, since I have been married this has happened quite frequently. I am not sure if it is just because Zack is next to me to notice and tell me the next morning that I tossed and turned like crazy, or if me knowing he is there does something in my subconsience to make me sleep funky or what. Anyway, this has been going on for awhile now. I got a text from Zack today while I was at school and this is what it said, "Did you sleep ok last night?" Translation= you slept like a crazy freak last night, thanks for also keeping me up. But of course, he would never say that. He is sweet.

So, to try to solve this problem, I went to the store today to buy Unisom. According to internet sources, this works well and didn't leave people feeling drowsy and tired in the morning. So I thought I would at least give it a try for mine and Zack's sanity. Cross your fingers for me!


Brittany said...

I have that same problem. I'm a terrible sleeper. I use just the WalMart brand sleep aid. It works well and it's cheap!

Greg and Sarah said...

that is so funny! i always sleep great and greg is up all night because i am a crazy sleeper! how is married life?

Niederfam said...

OR you could take tylenol PM which is what I do!!!