Friday, July 26, 2013

Pioneer Day

I was really excited that I would be in Utah over Pioneer Day!  There are always so many fun things to do and I was lucky to be able to spend it with most of my family.

We started the celebration a few days early by going to the parade preview.  All the floats that are in the Days of '47 parade are brought to the expo center so you can see them up close and personal!  The kids all had a great time!  Elise especially loved getting a balloon elephant.
Here is the float that my home stake was in charge of making. They did a pretty awesome job!  I'm so impressed with all the floats- it's amazing what some people can do!
On the actual day my family spent the evening at Butlerville Days over in Cottonwood Heights.  Here is a picture of me and Elise with Grandma Marie enjoying some watermelon.
Elise really loved playing in all the bounce houses they had set up!  We got her tickets and she went on a few of them and had so much fun, she hated it when her turn was up!
She also got another balloon made for her, this time a giant flower. She was so proud of it and would show it to anyone we walked by!  We had dinner there and also got to do other fun things like watching a magician!  Very cool!
When we got home and the kids were put to bed the adults enjoyed some yummy home-made strawberry ice cream and watched an awesome firework show from our front porch. It was a great day!

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