Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Name and a Blessing

Our sweet boy James was blessed this past Sunday by his father, grandfather and good friends.  It was a beautiful blessing and we can't wait to see what kind of personality our little James will shape up to be!  Among other things, he was blessed with a kind heart, to serve a mission, to marry in the temple, to look for opportunities to serve, a willingness to always share the Gospel, and know that his family will always love and support him in whatever he pursues.

Besides Zack and Grandpa Evan, the other men in the circle were: Colin Rogerson, Lyle Christiansen, Dominic Ratto, Daniel Lindsay and Tanner Fullmer.  They are all our good friends and fellow med students with Zack in our ward. We were glad they were able to take part in James' special day. 

We had such a wonderful time with Zack's parents here for the weekend!  I wish I had taken more photos of them playing with Elise and holding James but we did get several taken from the blessing.  Getting a good family photo was nearly impossible, but after about 30 takes we have one or two that worked.  Here are some pictures from his special day!
 Cute family of 4!!
Handsome boys
 Mom, Dad and James

 I love these sweet little shoes!
 A good shot of his adorable outfit
 Group shot of us with Zack's parents! Thanks again for coming into town to spend time with us.  We had a blast, especially Elise.  Can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!


Shantel said...

Such a handsome little baby and a beautiful little family! So happy for you Emily. What a wonderful day.

Nicole said...

So fun! Hey, what happened to his hair?! ;) ha ha! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Totally adorable. I love Elise's face in the first pic! Can't wait to see you guys! May the chaos begin :) Well, more of it!

emily said...

love the pictures of your special event! i love your dress, too. you look so great! and that boy of yours is so handsome! :)