Monday, March 18, 2013

Relief Society Birthday Celebration

This weekend I was able to help in celebration of the Relief Society organization.  I am on the activities committee so I had a small part in all the fun!  We went with the theme "Buzzily Doing Something Extraordinary" that we found from this blog here.
I was in charge of making this banner.  It isn't anything too special, but I think it turned out cute, especially since all the materials were things I had in my craft stash already.  I loved the "bee" theme in all the decorations, it was fun!
To help us out with all the decorations, we asked 6 talented sisters in our ward to each be in charge of decorating a table.  Each of them were so different and so much fun!  They did such a great job!
We kept the meal simple.  We had soup, rolls and salad and finished it off with birthday cake and ice cream :)  It was delicious!
And what would a party be without presents?!  We had each sister bring a homemade or gently used item from their home and played a gift exchange activity with questions about the history of the Relief Society! 
I really am grateful to be a member of the Relief Society.  Did you know that it is the largest women's organization in the world?!  Pretty neat.  I love the instant sisterhood and kindness I always feel from my fellow RS sisters- no matter where I go!  Whether it was in Utah, Wisconsin or even when we lived in China, I always knew I had friends I could count on.  It really is great to be a part of.


Rachel said...

Cute party! I was going to post about ours, but then I was too busy when I was there to take any pictures. Oh well, maybe next time!

Niederfam said...

That's FUN. Way to go with the banner, it looks great!

Definitely part of an EXTRAORDINARY women's organization, I totally agree!!!!