Thursday, March 14, 2013

Elise in Motion

Since Zack is on his Spring Break this week we decided to get out of the house and do some fun things with Elise!  Yesterday we decided to take her to Kids In Motion.  I've blogged about this place before, but it has been about a year since we went the first time so it was time to go again!  Elise is bigger and had even more fun this time around. 
 She had a blast playing in the soft playground!  Milwaukee county ordinances don't allow any fast food places to have a play place which is a HUGE bummer because during the cold winter months I'd love to do that.  So it was nice to have this playground for her to run up and down and all around.
She loved to zoom down the slides and persisted at trying to climb up the slide instead of going up the stairs :)

They also have tons of different themed rooms with different activities inside.  Some of them include a market, trains, construction, lite bright wall, art, dinosaurs, stage/dress ups and a few more. 
We got her to try on the construction goggles and vests and she didn't want to take them off!  I think some of her favorite rooms were construction and the dinosaur room because she loves to play in all the beans on the ground!
We all had a blast!!  We definitely need to go back more than just once a year!


emily said...

yay, looks like fun! maybe they have like a punch-pass you could buy and then you'd be more apt to go more than once a year?! but i'm the same - we have a few places we like to go to, but usually we only end up going like once!

Niederfam said...

my kids ALL of them are HUGE play doh fans, they LOVE it, i HATE it, but what'dya do??? ;) the play center looks like TONS of fun too. lucky little elise.