Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My night off!

Our friend, Hemal, is lucky to have her mom visiting her here for a few weeks.  Hemal told us that her mom wanted to meet us and make us some authentic Indian food- so we jumped at the chance!  She and her mom came over last Friday and the meal certainly did not disappoint!  It was so nice to have the night off from making dinner, doing dishes, etc. 
I should have written down the names of all the dishes she made, but I didn't :(  I did ask what all of them were called but I have already forgotten!  I did remember to at least take some pictures!  Hemal and her family are all vegetarians and I didn't even realized until we were finished that there wasn't a single meat dish- we were all SO full at the end, it didn't even matter! 
It was fun to have some other friends to play with Elise too!  They were even kind enough to bring her a little gift!  Who does that?!  They brought over a pail full of sand/water/beach toys that we can't wait to use as soon as the weather gets nice! 
Thanks again to the Patels- for the awesome company and great food!


Niederfam said...

NICE. I always love a break from the routine too! So fun to enjoy your friend and her mom!

Elise is awesome, I love her personality! Our kids are BIG fans of electric toothbrushes too!

Amy Lovell said...

Yum, I LOVE Indian food. And true authentic Indian food, even better!