Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

We enjoyed a simple, fun and very low key Valentine's Day this year!  For the most part, it was a very normal day but we were able to add in some fun crafts and gifts too! 
We got Elise a fun little basket filled with treasures like new shirts, plates/bowls, books and a coloring pack!  She seemed pretty pleased with it's contents!  I should have taken a picture of her wearing her outfit, but I wasn't smart enough to think of that!
Elise made this LOVE poster for her Daddy!  She was SO excited when she saw all the paint out and realized that she got to play in it!!  It didn't turn out perfect, but hey, I have a 2 year old, so I was impressed we got it to look this good!  It was a lot of fun to make this with her!

I decided that a good old fashioned hand made card helps show the best sentiment so I put together this very simple card for Zack!  I think the two of these made the perfect centerpiece for our dinner that night.

Dinner itself wasn't anything too special but I did make this Strawberry Stuffed Brownie Torte for dessert!  It tasted as good if not better than this picture!  It was really simple to make and absolutely delicious!  I was even able to find some "Mormon wine" aka Martinellis sparkling cider to go along with it :)
Here is a picture of the two people who have stolen my heart!  I love walking in on them finding them reading books together on her bed. How adorable!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope yours was wonderful!


Rachel said...

Fun Valentine's Day! Jilly has that same purple plate from Target, she won't eat from any other plate!

emily said...

aw, such cuteness. the love card from elise is adorable. a for a 2-year old, i would say it's perfect!

your dessert looks super yummy, too. nice job.

Shantel said...

What a nice day. I am drooling over that dessert!

Nicole said...

Yum. I want to try that cake. And I love the little love poster! So cute and sweet! Good idea!