Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Five!

-I'm a failure. Yesterday, I gave up on potty training.  I gave it a good, solid 3.5 days and I just think we need a little more time, maturing on her part.  She did do one of each in the potty but nothing was ever consecutive.  If potty stories don't gross you out, below I'll share what was the final straw in giving up:
            Elise had gone #2 in her underwear so I walked her to the bathroom and we put it in the toilet together.  I told her that was yucky and big girls do that in the toilet, not their underwear.  I was so mad and frustrated I just needed a minute so I closed her in the bathroom for a minute or two while I took a breather.  I must have forgot to flush the toilet because when I walked back in she had grabbed the poop out of the toilet and had begun finger painting with it on the walls!  Ahhhh!!  Enough is enough.  

-Elise had a rough night last night and we heard her wake up several times.  She is big so unless she is screaming bloody murder, we don't go get in when she wakes in the night.  When I went to go get her this morning I found that she had taken of her pajamas and was only in her diaper!  Poor girl must have been freezing!!  I felt so bad!

-There was a huge snowstorm here yesterday and I think it snowed from 8am until 8pm.  We probably got at least 8 inches. I hear that the roads were pretty awful but it makes for a beautiful winter scene this morning!  Nothing like the quiet in the morning of freshly fallen snow.  
-We have a Relief Society activity tomorrow for church.  It is our "Fresh Start" activity.  We are sharing healthy breakfast ideas (while eating them), talking about goal setting and keeping, having a demo by a yoga instructor and a few other fun things.  Should be good!

-I had a doctors appointment yesterday to check on baby boy.  He's kicking and has a good, strong heart beat!  For the second time at an appointment, the sugars in my urine (sorry if that's TMI) were unusually high.  He did a finger prick to check my blood sugar and told me if it was under 126 I was ok to go home.  Well, it was only at 80 when they did that!  He is still worried since this is the second time it's done that so we pushed my glucose test up.  I go in and take that in two weeks instead of four weeks.  I'm pretty sure I don't have gestational diabetes because all the blood sugar tests come back so low!  I guess when you are pregnant your kidneys can do some pretty strange stuff- I just hope everything is ok!  But, I've been feeling totally great and normal.  So that's at least good!

Have a great weekend! 


Rachel said...

Oh bummer, sorry potty training didn't work out. Join the club of the failures. :) Have fun at your RS Activity, it sounds like a good one!

emily said...

yuck, that's horrible! don't feel like a failure - it's just the wrong time. :) there is no rush to having a kid potty-trained - and she's still very young! when she shows interest, then go for it. that's always worked out the best for me.

your activity does sound super great - enjoy!

Ashley King said...

Thanks for the potty training laugh. Seriously, I hate potty training. Nothing wrong with taking a step back and trying again in a few months. Sorry about your sugars, how strange! I get to do my GD test next month..gag! Glad to hear your little guy is doing well :)