Saturday, December 22, 2012

Playing at Grandmas!

I love going home to Utah because Elise had a million new toys to play with and lots and lots of cousins to run around with!  Over the past few weeks I've snapped some pictures of her just playing pretend!  
Grandma Galbraith has a fun dollhouse up on this bookshelf so it is the perfect height for Elise to get in there and play with all the things inside!
Caught readings all of Grandmas books!  Is there anything better than finding them reading!?
Since being in Utah we've realized two things- First, that Elise LOVES dress ups!  She is a total girly girl and loves to wear crowns, dresses and high heels!  Once they are on it's hard to get them off of her!  Second, she loves Elephants.  She calls them Elos.  Grandma Pugh has two elephants in her house and Elise has insisted on carrying them around with her wherever she goes.  It's  so cute!
Grandma Pugh also got this cute little table as a new edition to the play room and Elise has spent a lot of time up there playing tea party.  Where did she even learn to do that!?  I'm not sure but I love pretending with her!  She is growing up so fast!


Rachel said...

So cute! Jilly LOVES dress up lately also. She got a princess dress for Christmas and has worn it every single day since then :) Hope you're enjoying your break!

Niederfam said...

So fun, she's the perfect "make believe" age, LOVE that. So girly and SUPER cute.