Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

This year, Christmas Eve was spend with the Galbraith side of the family!  It was really small since my other siblings has to be away at their in-laws homes!  It was just us, my brother Todd and my mom and dad.  It was fun to have Elise be the only child there because she got to be the center of attention and loved every minute of it!

We had a delicious dinner of chicken cordon bleu, potatoes, salad, rolls and sparkling cider to go with it, yumm!  My mom never disappoints on holiday meals!

After dinner it was time for presents!  We opened more than the traditional "one gift" because we would be spending Christmas day with the Pugh's so we made sure to open all of the gifts from the Galbraith's that night.
My mom got all of the grandkids the book called, Bear Stays Up for Christmas.  It is a very cute book and ends with bears friends giving him a quilt for Christmas.  If you know my mom, she loves anything with quilts!  
To go along with the book they all got a little stuffed bear, a special box, and a quilt the size for the bear!  Elise loved to open the box and put the quilt back in and out.  She could have been happy with just that one present!
Elise is our little present so we had to keep adding bows to her!  I also opened some socks (exciting, I know) and Elise thought those were pretty great. She insisted on putting them on and even wore them to bed that night!
When Todd comes that means that his dog, Cheeto, will also be there.  Elise loves Cheeto and follows him around anytime he comes over.  She is a little aggressive with him at times so Zack and Grandpa were trying to help her be soft when she pets him.
My mom has a cute little manger that holds a baby Jesus.  Elise had a lot of fun holding the baby and playing with the hay in it too.
Elise is pulling a funny smile in this, but it's the best one we got!  We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with the Galbraiths!  We finished off the night putting Elise down to sleep and the rest of us stayed up watching the movie Silent Night.  It was neat to see the story behind one of my favorite Christmas songs. We are so grateful for the holiday season and the warmth and love it brings to all!

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Niederfam said...

I love her cute cheezy face with Mom and Dad. HA. And if I recall, that is the SAME backpack you wore full of dishes to visit us at Highcroft many moons ago. Memories! ;)