Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Visit to LA

We've been all over the place this break!  After being in Utah for only a couple of days our family of 3 headed off to sunny California!  We went for a visit to see our friends David and Rachel.  Zack and David are great friends and it's been a while since we saw them last so a trip to CA was in order!  David is out in LA where he is going to dental school at UCLA.  It was a nice break and fun to have some nice weather too!

We did lots of fun things like trying out a bunch of new restaurants, saw a lot of movies, and even went to walk around Hollywood.  Of course I didn't take any pictures of anything until we went to the beach!  So here are the few pictures we have from our trip!

We headed out to the beach at Santa Monica and it was a beautiful day!  It was around 65 degrees and sunny!  It was so much fun to watch Elise experience the ocean for the first time!
This girl would have ran straight in and never come back if we'd let her!  When the water washed up onto her feet she giggled and laughed so hard!  She couldn't believe what was going on- it was so cute!
She ran all over the place!  She loved to have the sand on her feet, find seashells and run up and down this lifeguard watch station.  
We really could have stayed at the ocean all day with her, and probably should have!  We were poor planners and only could stay for about and hour because we had to catch our flight back to Salt Lake!  Next time, we'll come prepared!

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Niederfam said...

I'm beach girl at heart too, Why oh Why do I live in the Mountains??? ;)

So cute. LOVE her running around the life guard tower and the sand......