Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Craft Bug

I finally got around to cleaning up our spare bedroom which means that it is now my craft room!  It's not anything too exciting to look at, just a room with a desk and a sewing machine- but it's all mine :)  Since I finally have a creative area I had to get going on some projects! 

The first one I did was a crayon roll.  I used the tutorial from The Pleated Poppy.  I love this project because I can make the whole thing in about and hour and I can use my scraps to do it!  This is a very simple and straightforward tutorial and would be a great project for any beginning sewers as well!
Even though they are scraps, I love the fabrics I used on this project. Here is how it looks when it is filled and rolled out, ready for use!
Here is what it looks like when it is rolled up.  Super easy to move from purse to diaper bag and bring with you anywhere.  I've made different crayon rolls that have ribbons to tie it up, but I personally really like the look and ease of the button. 
My next project was to make and apron for Elise!  Ever since I made her play kitchen I have been meaning to make her an apron and chefs hat (next on my list..) and I am just now getting around to it.  Little did she know, Elise reminded me to do it since she has been putting on my apron in the kitchen almost daily.  Now we can both wear our own!
I also used left over scraps to make her apron and it matches the fabric I used for the curtains on the play kitchen!  It is a child size apron (even though it's still big on her!) so it doesn't take too much fabric to make.  This would also be a very easy beginner project and took me about 2 hours!  Quick and easy- my favorite project!  I used the tutorial from the blog Making It Fun.  If you click on the link all of her tutorials are on the right side of her blog.  Just scroll down until you find the one for the apron!


Shantel said...

You are so cute and crafty! I love those simple - yet fun - projects. Where do you get your fabric? It's just so cute. I've heard about people ordering fabric online, but i'm not that brave. Do you get it online?

Elizabeth said...

So cute!

Rachel said...

Cute projects Emily!