Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Miller Brewery Tour

We decided that to be true Milwaukee-ans we better take the Miller Brewery tour!  Miller is ALL over Milwaukee and even our baseball team, The Brewers, play in the Miller Staduim.  Since Zack's parents were in town we thought we best check it out! 
This is a shot of inside the bottling factory.  Getting them all filled, labeled and ready to be shipped away to your local store!
Elise, of course, was fascinated and so excited to learn all about hops and beer and fermentation!
Here is the brewing process for those of you who don't know.  Which I think would be most of my readers- ha ha. 
This cool Lautern Tun that hold some of the beer...or hops...or whatever it is at this stage.  These things were huge!!  It goes 18 feet deeper into the ground than we see here!
Here's the whole bunch of us!
After the tour, they take you to some free samples of their signature MGD Beer but we opted for the soda!  I think the guy at the beginning of the tour thought we were crazy when we said we didn't need to show him ID to drink since none of us would be.  I'm sure he wondered why we were even on the tour, but oh well!!  We still had fun and it was interesting to see whether we drink or not!
And to end on here is our sweet Baby 'Lise with her daddy holding storong onto her Miller Lite cup like her Daddy tuaght her to!!  ;)  It was  a fun and FREE tour so if you come to Milwaukee go check it out!


Elizabeth said...

Looks like fun!

Nicole said...

Nice. You are official now I guess!!

Ashley King said...

That sounds pretty fun! I really like the picture of Elise holding the Miller Lite cup too :) haha