Thursday, March 22, 2012


Zack often says that we are worth less than a bum on the street.  Ha- I think we have a few more assets than a bum on the street (a shopping cart not being one of them) but it's true- we have NO money!!  Good thing that the government thinks that we WILL be worth something one day and are helping us along until we get there. 

Until then, we try to be frugal people.  And by "we" I really mean me.  Zack is one of those guys who never buys anything except his favorite highlighters (for studying) and gasoline on the rare occasion.  I do think we do a good job and keeping things minimal. 

Because of this I often find myself paroozing through our local Goodwill store.  If you can get past the "used by a complete stranger" part of this, it is a pretty great store and can save you TONS of money!  Most often I look through the toy section to find great things for Elise.  Here are some of the awesome things I have found:
Here you will see a vintage Fisher-Price Garage (I had one growing up and loved it! Especially the elevator for cars!), 6 awesome Care Bears, pink shopping cart, and inside the cart are these awsome Crayola Jumbles that were practically new!
I was SO excited when I saw the LeapFrog 'Learn and Groove Musical Talbe'- I had almost bough one from craigslist and lucked out and found this for $4!!  I also found these great Melissa & Doug puzzles and the classic vaccuum popper!
My last "show and tell" picture shows the Fisher-Price Family Play Farm (I swear it was brand new), a Little People truck that sings songs and makes the "back up" noise, and there are always lots and lots of great board books for only .59 cents!  Have I sold you yet?

Now don't worry...I fully inspect them before I buy and they also get a soapy scrubby bubble bath followed by a dip in the Clorox Bleach pool before Miss Elise is ever allowed to touch anything :)  We have found some awsome stuff to say the least!!  You should check out yours and let me know what you find.  Are there any other great used places I should know about?

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emily said...

you can never go wrong with fisher-price and little people old toys. so great and so classic.

and totally funny, i was going to post a little picture of what i got at salvation army today. :) we love our second-hand stores. my sis does, too, i know. glad you found some great stuff!