Monday, September 12, 2011

Swap Party!

I'm not sure what it is with me, September, and reaching out to my fellow crafters but something must always get me going!  If you are a regular reader of my blog you probably remember this post from a  year ago with the idea for a quiet book. This is not an idea for a quiet book but a swap of homemade goods!  I've seen lots of ideas for things like this on Pinterest and thought it sounded like a very fun idea! Plus, getting a package in the mail with present inside?!  What could be better?  I know I have so many talented friends, sisters, and extended family and readers I know we could make this good!
So let's do it!!  Let's swap!!  If you would like to participate go ahead and "enter" by leaving a comment with your name and email address. Once sign-up's have ended you will receive an email from ME assigning you to a partner.  Go ahead and email your partner and get to know them a little bit so you can make the gift more personal for them.  You know stuff like their favorite color, favorite fabric line, do they want a gift for a child or do they need something for their wardrobe or kitchen?!  That kind of stuff :)  Sign-up's will END on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16TH. 

Once again, the gifts MUST must MUST be home-made.  I cannot say that enough!  Obviously a part of it can be store bought but you get the general idea. No buying stuff from a craft store that is home made but you bought it, etc. 

All gifts must be finished and post-marked by OCTOBER 15TH 2011.  No ifs, and's or butt's about it! If you need ideas or inspiration check out some of these blogs:
-Craftaholics Anonymous
-Make it and Love it

And a thousand more websites for ideas. And if you are like me you probably already have an idea in your head!!  Good luck, thanks for playing, and I can't WAIT to see what we all come up with!  Happy Crafting!


Shauna said...

Sounds like fun! Count me in!

marie said...

Crap. I know I am forced to do this. Ok fine! Oh and this is Nicole, not mom!!

Anna said...

I'm in. I love mail so much I want to do it just for that :). Goodness knows I have enough projects already.

erinmalia said...

I'm in. I'm with Anna: mail these days isn't fun but this mail would be! Thanks emily!

emily said...

okay, i'm in! cute idea.

Niederfam said...

I already feel BAD for the person who gets my swap, shouldn't that be a SIGN to OPT OUT???? ;)

But just like that.........I'm in.....but starting to be nervous already. Oh dear.

Jet said...

Sounds like so much fun! I love getting to know new people and getting gifts! So excited!


jujuB said...

ok---maybe it's over:( I think that it is but I'm leaving a comment anyway because I wish I would have read this earlier! You know me and presents and getting to make one too! OHHHHH SAD! This looks like a GREAT idea!