Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Lise

Oh what to say about this cute little girl!  I could go on for days about how cute she is.  I haven't been the best Mom at writing down her accomplishments each month but I thought I would write down a few of the things she has been up to lately! (Oh and in case you wondered we pronounce Lise (short for Elise) like the word lease.....)

-She eats like a champ!  She eats her fruits and veggies and loves to eat whatever we have as well!  She has tried a pretty good variety of foods and I can't wait for her to be on them full time.
-Sometimes when we feed her she will grab her binky and put it back in her mouth almost as if she is teasing us!  Other times she will have it in to start with and when she sees food she likes she blows it out of her mouth and opens up. It is so funny.
-Still loves her bath time!  I took her to a swimming pool the other day and played with her in the zero depth area and she kicked and giggled for hours.
-She is sleeping through the night!!!!!  I usually put her down around 8:30 and she will sleep until about 8am- it is wonderful :)
-She is so aware of everything-still.  She loves baby einstein movies now and laughs and gets excited to see the puppets.
-She is starting to not want her binky when she sleeps.  I used to always nurse her then rock her to sleep and place her in her crib but now she gets tired but stays awake so I have to put her in the crib until she cries for a few minutes and falls to sleep on her own.  I feel bad, but you gotta learn to fall asleep by yourself sometime, right?!
-She sits up and has for awhile now but isn't very trustworthy.  She can push herself to sitting up and if she falls to the side she catches herself, but she also sits back which usually ends in disaster.
-She is so close to crawling!!  She is quite the little scoot bug and gets herself a lot of places which usually is under a chair, table, or her feet wedged under the fridge.
-Still doesn't have any teeth.  I know some other babies who are only 5 months and have 8 teeth but she still has nothing.  Which is fine with me!  They will come eventually!
-Is still the most beautiful child we have ever laid eyes on!  We love her so so much!


erinmalia said...

rhett ddn't get teeth until 10 months old! don't you worry yet.

Elizabeth said...

She is so cute, and she looks so big! I love her nickname, adorable!

Shauna said...

Corby had zero teeth until about 10.5 months. By 13 months he had 6, but hasn't gotten any since then.

Way to go Elise - sleeping through the night! Corby didn't do that consistently until 10.5 months (because he was working on those teeth he finally got around then). Ah, isn't that just heaven sent?!

emily said...

what a sweet little update. she's adorable!

Niederfam said...

she really is just the CUTEST little thing. Aren't you lucky??? So sweet and SOOOOO good, so it seems.

Melissa said...

She is so darn cute. I just love this age!

Melissa said...

She is so darn cute. I just love this age!

Nicole said...

We miss her!!! Bring her to us!! We love her!! Can't wait to have you guys stay!! You start crawler Eilse!!

Holly Petty said...

So cute! I love the binky funny. Lilia and Lise are going to be besties I'm sure of it :)