Friday, April 1, 2011

Update on the Abscess

A few people have asked how I've been doing since the surgery, so I thought I would update everyone:

I am healing just as I should be.  I won't ever be stitched up like I originally thought.  The hole that was made during surgery will produce body tissue to fill the cavity.  It sure is amazing what the body can do!  The doctor said that our bodies can make enough tissue to fill a hole 20 times the size of mine- crazy!  I need to keep filling the cavity with iodine treated gauze each day and apply a dressing to it.  I am completely fine to shower and even have shampoo and soap get in it, as long as I rinse it out. I trust him, but it still scares me to get those things in it more for the sting factor!

I asked him how long it would be until I am "normal" again, and he said it would be months and that I will always have a scar :(  These are things that I was pretty sure about already, but I was hoping for better results!!  The great news is that I hardly feel any pain at all, I am still breastfeeding Elise (which I think I deserve a medal for!!), and that the lump and all the pressure is gone!
 Some people get stickers or candy when they visit the doctor.  I get these.

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Nicole said...

Yucky yuck yuck. I'm so so sorry you have had to deal with that but you are getting better and that's what counts! So yay for that.

Cute little Elise, we love her!