Monday, April 4, 2011

Elise's Blessing Day

Our beautiful daughter Elise was blessed on Sunday, March 13th 2011.  We blessed her in my parents ward (my home ward growing up).  Her Dad gave her a very special blessing. Some of the things I remember from it are:

-To know that her parents love her
-Good health and to be strong
-Have a strong testimony of the Gospel and a willingness to share it
-Have an outgoing personality and able to make friends easily
-With a quick mind and will be able to deal with school and other things
-To have good friends and good relationships with your family

Zack and I say each day how lucky we are to have Elise in our family. She is so special and fun and already has such a sweet and unique personality.  Elise you have changed our lives for the best and we can't wait to watch you grow up even more!  We love you!

Daddy and his favorite girl
The men in the blessing circle.  We were lucky to have our out of town brothers here for this as well!  It was great to have the whole family together!
The Family
Pretty much in love with this little girl!
My very talented mother made Elise's blessing dress and I could not have been happier with how it turned out.  I told her the vision I had for it- I wanted it very simple but beautiful.  She has such a great attention to detail and Elise looked so beautiful in it!  Here are several photos to show you all the detail work she put into it!  I am so happy that I will be able to have this for all my girls!  
Here is the full dress.
 Detail of the top of the dress- my Dad insisted that I pick these rose buttons.  He loved them- so cute!
 The lace and ribbon detail on the skirt of the dress.  Thanks again Mom for making us such a timeless piece!  She looked so beautiful in it!


erinmalia said...

the dress is amazing. and so is your cute family!

Amy Lovell said...

I love the dress, and Elise looked adorable in it! Hope you guys are doing well.

Kings said...

Such an adorable little family. And that dress is seriously incredible! I love that your dad helped pick the buttons. Too cute!

Jewls said...

What a beautiful dress! Your mom is one talented lady...and you must be talented too, because that is also one beautiful BABY! :)

Wendy said...

That is an amazing dress! And I think it's cute that your dad had an opinion on the buttons. :)