Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 Months Old

Here's our beautiful Elise at 3 months old!!  I stayed up at my parents house for a few days to recover from the horrible abscess and my sister Nicole decided to do another photo shoot with Elise.  She was much more cooperative this time around!  I think she did an amazing job and got some great shots of our little girl!  I've added a few more below as well!  Here are some things about Elise at 3 months:

-LOVES to eat her hands
-Is 'talking' a lot more
-Still isn't rolling over quite yet
-We predict she is going to be a thumb sucker, we've caught that in her mouth several times
-Smiles back at people
-She has become quite the drooler
-Is in-between sizes.  Too big for her 0-3 months but WAY to small for her 3 month clothes.  It makes dressing her a big difficult!


Kings said...

Elise is stinkin' adorable! Your sister got some great shots. I feel so bad for you having to deal with that abscess - oh my, I can't imagine how horrible. Hope things are going better!

Chris and Amy Darton said...

Oh my goodness Emily!! She is one of the cutest babies Ive ever seen in my life- I still need to meet her! I just want to squeeze her :) I LOVE that pic where she's trying to be "modest" hehe

Wendy said...

I'm so glad you are healing--and you definitely deserve a medal for sticking with the breastfeeding with all of that going on!!! Those pictures are adorable of her--I especially love the naked one with her leg crossed over--so modest! ;)

Elizabeth said...

So pretty!

Niederfam said...