Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All Things Easter!

We had a great time celebrating Easter this year!  We were able to do a lot of fun things :)  On Saturday our little Chambers Court neighborhood put on an Easter egg hunt!  It was a lot of fun and just the perfect size.  About 10 kids and Elise was one of the oldest there so it was a good level for her. 
Discovering some Eggs in the bushes!
Getting pretty good at this egg hunt business!
I don't think she realized that there was candy in the eggs until the next day!  She just loved finding them all over the grass.  And what a miracle it was that you could even see grass!  Yes, it is dead but we couldn't be happier that all of the snow has finally melted!
After the egg hunt we all got together at the Croskrey's house and had a pot luck lunch with everyone.  It was fun to visit with everyone and eat all the yummy food and candy.
Later that day I let Elise play in the water with all of her eggs.  She had so much fun, she kept at this for about 40 whole minutes! 
She had been splashing around with all the eggs and got her clothes all wet!  She wanted her shirt and pants off because they were soaked so I helped her get them off.  I walked out of the room for a minute and next thing I know- here she is!  She climbed into the sink all on her own.  Silly girl!
Sunday we went to church and Elise got to wear her new Easter dress!  This little girl loves to wear dresses and was very excited that I had a new one just for her.  I need to get a better picture of it, but this is the best we have so far.  I love her expression in this picture- she is so sweet!
Here is what the Easter bunny brought!  She is the only child for just a little bit longer, so she can still be spoiled :)  In addition to her basket full of candy she also got some bubbles, water bottles, new outfit from Grandma Galbraith and a Noah's Ark toy!  She has had a lot of fun with these already!  Now we just need the weather to warm up so she can wear the cute shorts!
I cooked the traditional Easter meal of ham, scalloped potatoes, rolls and a salad.  It was quite delicious if I do say so myself!  When I was making the potatoes Zack walked in and said "Oh you make these from scratch?!" I guess he was impressed!  I laughed at him and said of course.  He responded, "It's not that I thought you made them from a box, it's that I thought everyone made them from a box!" Ha ha.
It wouldn't be Easter without some Egg dying!  I was nervous to let Elise help since I thought she would get the dye everywhere but she did really well and was a great helper. She had a lot of fun making "rainbow eggs".
We only did 6 eggs but I think they turned out great :)  We had a wonderful Easter and even though all the new dresses and candy are so fun, we are most grateful for our Savior's resurrection and what the Gospel of Jesus Christ means to us.  Happy Easter everyone!

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Nicole said...

Oh fun! I love all the colors in these pics! I just did your liebster thing, so I hope you're happy! jk It was fun. What is that cute orange chevron thing on your couch? Something for baby boy?