Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Abundant Life

My sweet Grandpa, Arthur Watkins, passed away this past Thursday. He was 95 and truly lived life to the fullest.  When you would go to visit him and ask how he was doing he would reply, "chipper!" 
 Grandpa Watkins left quite a legacy!  He fathered 8 children, 42 grandchildren and 112 great-grandchildren (with more on the way)!  He is the son of a Senator,  served in WWII as an intelligence officer, was a Professor and Dean at BYU, served as a mission president TWICE, speaks 12 languages and has even written a book!  He has millions more other noteworthy qualities but for now I'll leave you with that.  You can learn more about him by reading this news article written a few years ago here.  I will definitely miss my Grandpa but we know he is so happy to be reunited with his sweet wife Ruth!  Until we meet again!

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Erin Page said...

What a sweet picture of him and Elise!!! My prayers are with you and your family! What a great blessing to know of the Plan of Salvation and to know that families are truly FOREVER!!!